Kelly Ragin

Kelly Ragin

By Kelly Ragin

BELIEVE. This is one of my favorite words. Throughout my home, you are bound to see it in almost every room in some shape, fashion or form. Why is it that this particular word is so powerful? Ever since I was a little girl, this word has dangled in my face. I recall my mother purchasing wall art for my bedroom, in the form of words. She placed these words on my wall, just above my bed. The words that I vividly remember…some 40 years later are, DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE. Now as a 7 year old, I had no real concept to what the true definition was for each of those words. Today, the term is called AFFIRMATIONS.

See, I strongly believe that we should AFFIRM ourselves daily. By this I mean, speak life into your own lives. FIRST. Belief first starts with a thought. Then it moves into, perhaps, a dream or desire for something powerful in your life. Or even something simple. Then of course, finally, it’s now up to you to decide if you actually believe in that vision, or dream whatever it is. Do you?

I would easily say that, Believing is the same as having FAITH. And we’ve heard the scripture a gazillion times that states “Now Faith, is the Substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen”. Hebrews 11: 1. I also love the quote:

“Putting Feet to your Faith”.

Putting feet to your faith basically means, DO SOMETHING WHILE YOU WAIT ON GOD! He’s God, and doesn’t need our help. But I believe He wants to see if we are going to be diligent in working for Him, while we wait. Also, what are you doing towards the preparation or development for your dream? Heard the term, “whistle while you work? “ Well, all this means is…. Keep a positive attitude while working towards your goal. At least, that’s my interpretation.

What are you believing God for today? I would like to encourage you to first, DREAM BIG. Mama constantly reminds me, “Child, ain’t nothing too hard for God”. So, I often find myself telling myself these very words. See sometimes, we want things to happen, WHEN we want them to happen. Oh my goodness! Don’t we know that God holds the blueprints? I love to encourage my family and friends to create Vision Boards. I have one of my own. And YES!! It works!! Now, you and I both know that cutting up pictures from magazines and using our lil’ glue sticks to paste them on a board, is NOT gonna do the trick, like a Jeannie in the bottle. WE KNOW THIS! But what it does, is, it forces us to face our dreams DAILY. AFFIRM our BELIEF. And garner patience, as God does what HE does best. PROVIDES.

The Bible teaches us that if we knock, He WILL answer. And in the plain words of Grandma, “A closed mouth, won’t get fed”. I guess my Southern roots are showing up now. But nevertheless, I truly just want to encourage each of you today to BELIEVE. No matter how big or small your dream is, God is ABLE. We just have to trust the process. We also, have to do our part. What’s our part? Doing AND staying in the Will of God.

None of us are perfect people. No—not one! But our sole purpose for creation is to first please God, and serve God.

Faith, Hope and Love. ….and BELIEVE!