Freddie Muse Jr. – Introduction


By Ms. Priscilla A. Brown, CC, Past VP of Membership Toastmasters Club #8950-Redlands, CA

Good evening and welcome

A leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible!

It is with great joy that I have the pleasure to introduce our Keynote speaker Mr. Freddie Muse Jr. Founder/CEO of The Men’s Cancer Network, Inc. in the greater Los Angeles area. President Muse is a nine-year Prostate Cancer Survivor.

We are here for a special purpose”. Cancer has become a national problem which requires national attention and action!

 Tonight we will be hearing about Mr. Muse’s life journey, including his vision and purpose for his future State of the Art “The Men’s Health Resource Center”

Cancer is not a death sentence anymore! Let me say this loud and clear…. Cancer is NOT a Death Sentence anymore!!!!  This is a message Mr. Muse carries with strong conviction.”

Before President Muse comes before you I would like to enlighten you with some key factors about his life:

In the midst of a storm, Mr. Muse is a person that reflects on where God has brought him from. He has “unshakable” faith and encourages others through his testimony of being a prostate cancer survivor.

  • Growing up in the same neighborhood with Mr. Muse I recognize where he gets his natural ability to give service to people, his mother was an enduring nurse and his step-father was a chef. Freddie has served as a Professional Chef in his younger years too, obtaining an Associate of Arts Degree in Culinary Arts from Trade Technical College.
  • He has an abundant passion to help the underserved in his community and is NOT afraid to ask for help. He took the initiative to seek free PSA testing from a Beverly Hills Radiation Center AND… it was granted. 
  • Host Monthly Cancer Support Group meetings, where he has licensed doctor presentation and exhibit up-to-date cancer educational videos
  • President Muse can be found at a Homeless Mission on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas feeding the homeless when we are at home safe and warm enjoying a home cooked meal with our family.
  • He collaborates with clinics and local churches in health fairs year round to bring awareness and prevention messages about cancer to men and their family.
  • He has been recognized with awards for his vast community volunteer efforts in the Men’s ministry at his church and  by an organization- Celebrate Life, a Cancer Ministry
  • He collaborates with American Cancer Society, participating in the Relay for life of Baldwin Hills each year as a Team Captain/Survivor Chair for the past eight years
  • Hosted Men’s Father’s Day Symposium that ensures fathers and other men could speak openly about cancer concerns with licensed doctors
  • He hosts an annual gathering of men through The Men’s Cancer Network, Inc. This year the event is affectionately, named “Every Man’s Cancer “to sponsor a “Real Talk, Straight Talk” with men of all cancers.
  • He has been featured on Good News Radio station to provide personal success stories and answer questions regarding his 42 radiation treatments when he was first diagnosed with cancer.

There are leaders in the sanctuary, in grassroots community organizations, on the job and many other places, Mr. Muse is a “stand and take charge” leader that has enriched the lives of men and their families and given the them the ability to celebrate more birthdays.

The Men’s Cancer Network, Inc. has been serving the community since 2008 under the leadership, wisdom, determination and perseverance of Freddie Muse Jr.  He is someone who is most favorable, and has a lasting impression upon the hearts and minds of many.  Tonight, I present to you Founder/CEO and prostate cancer survivor, Freddie Muse Jr.