John E. Banks-Morgan CEO/Publisher

As I sit here and continue to enlighten, inform, and educate all of Desire Health Magazine’s Inc. large diverse readership audience, in an attempt to release all of the venom of what I feel have been transgressions against me, along with the “Poor and Down Trodden” in America, I cannot nor will not address these issues without what I feel GOD has instilled inside of me and laid on my heart…

Desire Health Magazine, Inc. was designed, and created to be a difference maker in People’s Lives’ in a positive manner, and while we continue to set ourselves apart from anything or any other publication that you’ve ever seen, DHMI. Is here and here to stay! (MELCHIZEDEK-MESSENGER)

I’ve always thought that people often wondered who is this guy, and where did he come from, because just like now, I just Showed Up… mysteriously (SMILE)…

We as a people have for… far too long have sat idly by and not said or done anything to show or demonstrate our disapproval of the way things are going on in the world today as we know it. Also as I contemplate on delivering these messages to our large diverse readership audiences, I would like to make it perfectly clear, that I by no means am putting myself in GODS’ or Jesus Christ’ realm… however I do feel that I am a Christian which in turn makes one to be Christ Like, and anyone that knows me even from my childhood, knows that if I didn’t feel that something was right… I didn’t do it, hence I’m here now to be able to talk about it.

Also I refuse to speak about the bible, or to include biblical passages without giving reference to where I got them from, so before we go into this editions Spiritual Section, please note the references below.

As we move forward in delivering our unique empowering messages to our readers, we at DHMI. want to make sure that we’re clear and concise, that this magazine is designed to promote positivie Inspiration, along with Empowering those that come into contact with it.