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John E. Banks-Morgan CEO Publisher

By John E. Banks-Morgan CEO Publisher

I for One, “Refuse to Tiptoe through the Tulips”


In the beginning of the publishing of Desire Health Magazine, Inc., I was going to start off with talking to African Americans/ Black People on how we do not work together and are always degrading one another, but in pursuing this great and much needed educational informational publication, once again it has come to my attention that in the midst of the 21st century in America – the greatest country in the world – when it comes to addressing, and doing business with and through ethnic mediums Corporate/mainstream America is still hiding behind the Iron Curtain!

African Americans/Black People per capita are the number one consumers in the world (we spend more than some third world countries) and we do business and spend money with any and everyone, but when seeking and or attempting to do business with people that we’ve been doing business with our entire lives… its we’re going in a different direction, your credit score is too low, you don’t qualify, and the real kicker… we don’t have a budget…

Even after we change our direction, raise our credit scores, increase our budgets, and after we as a people meet all of this criteria and there aren’t any more excuses for denying us, we just outright get omitted from the process altogether!

We have to start controlling our wealth in our communities, and  commanding that people reverse the trend of how not to do business with us, but also we must become more demanding, by commanding that corporate/mainstream America began to do reciprocal  business with us and reverse this callous attitude of business tactics in phasing us out!

And the only way to do that is to become as self-sufficient and sustainable in our business endeavors as possible, and to let them know that we’re going to only do business with people that do business with us, and this isn’t just pertaining to corporate/mainstream America, this means all businesses!

Even though as an African American Man who has had to endure all of the racism, hardships, negativity, health and economic disparities facing African Americans daily in society, I cannot continue this endeavor without leaning on my own personal Spirituality through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior whom I know without my Faith in GOD I would not be able to sit here today!


Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
(HEBREWS 11:1)


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